BITCOIN & ALTCOINS RALLY | Thoughts on Dave Portnoy and Look at Exploding Crypto


BITCOIN & ALTCOINS RALLY | Thoughts on Dave Portnoy and Look at Exploding Crypto

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Bitcoin and Altcoins rally today. Many alts such as Ethereum, XRP, Tron and others are heading higher. Where will they end up? Also a look at BTC and thoughts on Dave Portnoy and Winklevoss Twins meeting.

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21 thoughts on “BITCOIN & ALTCOINS RALLY | Thoughts on Dave Portnoy and Look at Exploding Crypto

  1. Avatar Tofu Tofu says:

    LINK is the LINK to my retirement . 🤑 I'm holding till 2021
    with BTC ETH BCH
    $200.00 I Quit 🥳

  2. But the problem was the poor explanation of what is Bitcoin and why it is so valuable. The best we can hope for is for Dave to maintain his hold and doesn't day-trade with his bitcoins. I hope Dave can do extra research on Bitcoin and not go by the Winklevoss twins' explanation. It took me months to understand the Cryptocurrency

  3. Avatar N B says:

    Take a look at Curve Dao

  4. Avatar azdjedi says:

    I think it's stokastic, the way you used to pronounce it.

  5. Love your stuff, glad you’re back…..Ive made a lot of cash on VET, but I’ve recently dumped it, based on the Chinese-US Cold War that is gearing up. Trump is going after everything Chinese and would never allow a Chinese company to track products in the US. Also a US company would be too afraid to partner with a Chinese blockchain company in this environment..
    Your thoughts please

  6. Avatar jerry Walker says:

    The pandemic has taught people the importance of multiple streams of income unfortunately even a job isn't secure. But I appreciate your transparency. the truth still remains that bitcoin is still the safest crypto to invest in today.

  7. Avatar Theo B says:

    Good to have a real crypto bro back

  8. Avatar Pink Summer says:

    Why Tron is rising: Samsung Keystore Wallet, BitTorrent, DLive, TronTV, Steem, Bidao, Poloniex, Opera, JUST DEFI, USDT-TRC20, Sun Network, TronZ Privacy, BitGo, Unikrn, MeconCash ATMs – 13,000 in South Korea, China Crypto Ranked #2, 3rd largest blockchain with most active addresses after BTC and Eth, TOP 3 of all Dapps in crypto, high throughput, speed, high scalability, low cost, and of course, Justin's meme humor twitter personality, hahaha! Probably the most aggressive crypto working for adoption that is way undervalued. Haters will lose out because they can't see the forest from the trees. Now, Tron with Dinwiddie? Let's see. Tron 4.0 already in July!! TRX has never missed any of their milestones, actually always ahead of schedule. If you want gaming, BitTorrent, Dlive, gambling, DeFi, staking, ATMs all over South Korea, Tron will do massive break out with next BTC bull run, no doubt! BUY OR HODL!

  9. Hey guy's, how can i be able to trade successfully on my own ?

  10. Avatar Jose lowery says:

    How can i invest in bitcoin i don't even know the concept.

  11. Investing in bitcoin is the best investment option today. Research shows that it build 46% of all passive income scheme in US and UK.

  12. Bitcoin is the future investing in bitcoin will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current fluctuations.

  13. Avatar Make Money T says:

    Your content is really good, and I have also decided to start this YouTube Channel to be able to help people to make money online. Keep up the amazing content.

  14. Avatar kurgon1976 says:

    VeChains total supply is disgusting.. way too much out there.

  15. Avatar Flipman says:

    Tellor and RSR are great long term holds, both with good community and teams behind them. Just bought some bags on Balancer.

  16. Avatar kurgon1976 says:

    NULS is trash.. i bought way too much back when it was over priced.

  17. Avatar Crypto Bug says:

    BCH is the dark side? Because they know how to scale?

  18. Say No More 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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