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A PSA To Congressman Brad Sherman! [Brad Sherman VS Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency]

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Today let’s talk Brad Sherman. He is a bit dense about crypto. I give you my thoughts. let me know what you think in the comments!

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Video of Brad Sherman:

Video of Giancarlo:

**Not advice. Don’t take my advice. These are just opinions. Make your own decisions. Take responsibility for your actions.

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25 thoughts on “A PSA To Congressman Brad Sherman! [Brad Sherman VS Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency]

  1. make an update. he say so much stupid things.

  2. Avatar Peter Petrov says:

    Meanwhile even his corporate donors are getting into Bitcoin. Why didn't anybody tell him? This will not end well.

  3. Avatar Damon W says:

    this guys days are numbered as a lawmaker!

  4. Avatar Mr Grant says:

    doesn't this guy look like smeagol from Lord of the rings

  5. Avatar Talionaire says:

    Americans are about to get bent over with no vaseline!

  6. Absolutely Fantastic………..Altcoin Daily Rocks
    I feel brad can only understand puppet videos yes ???

  7. Avatar Doors Vloger says:

    Did you check i think they are with sec

  8. Avatar Terrion says:

    Can you do a vid on KOMODO? you always find and give great information in your videos.

  9. Avatar Cain Davis says:

    Brad Sherman makes money sitting on his ass…. I work hard for all the money I have, and people like Brad Sherman keep taking what little bit of money I can make. Then make laws telling me what I have to spend the little money they let me keep on. All the various insurances, taxes, and utility bills I have to pay leave me with literally nothing left. Then you add in inflation of the dollar. Well damn when do I get to retire? Oh when I'm dead. Long live crypto!! Banks aren't helping me with dick!! And Brad Sherman definitely isn't helping me with dick!!

  10. Avatar fromode Yoon says:

    Totally outrageous. ban brad sherman.

  11. Avatar BTC Moon Boy says:

    Mr Pollock was a weak opponent, wish one of the altcoin brothers were on his seat instead.

  12. Avatar BTC Moon Boy says:

    Hahaha "that erection you have for pleasing cooperate donors" I like that one. Good build up too

  13. Avatar Sa1sa says:

    Vote for this guy out!

  14. Avatar KWONMOO LIM says:

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  15. Great video bro well said well spoken

  16. Brad Sherman is a Cabal controlled puke. 🤢

  17. Avatar kking1367 says:

    Cars, guns, PEOPLE!, are used by bad people . So do we blame the person that was hit by the drunk driver and sue chevrolet because that was the make of car he was in?…That senator needs to step down and ride his dinosaur to the old senators home.

  18. Avatar Dr.ChiLa says:

    Brad Sherman…A solution that is solving the inflationary problem and the increasing printing action of the Fed Reserv. Does that answer your question? What are you afraid of really Sherman? afraid that you can't understand what blockchain is??? Don't worry we can teach an old/dump dog new tricks.

  19. FUCK yoy,Brad! Take a ride on your dinosaur over the Cliff

  20. Good thing that the common sense majority of the citizens desires and beliefs eventually wins.

  21. He's only concerned about taxes. He is a tax attorney. He wants control. He wants to make sure you pay your taxes. That's all. He is big government.

  22. Avatar john d says:

    u go bro lol u tell him

  23. Avatar Oliver Li says:

    sherman, if you want war, we've got the sword, and it's very powerful 8-D

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