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Quick Bitcoin Check-In! Check Out The Altcoin: Tael [Wabi]

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Tael is NOT at the ICO/startup stage.
Tael is NOT at the “we just got to a working product stage”.
Tael is NOT at the “we’re signing partnerships which MIGHT lead to something stage”.

Tael is at the thousands of people actually using their product on a regular basis stage.

Creating Security: the Tael label

Tael: A Digital Token

Touch to Authenticate

Our Ecosystem Detailed: Business Model

Our Ecosystem Detailed: 2 Blockchains Explained

Our Ecosystem Detailed: Actors in the Ecosystem

Our Ecosystem Detailed: Demand & Supply

Alexander Busarov

Yaroslav Belinskiy

Edward Tsang

Nugget’s News: Wabi/Tael – Where Are They Now?

*** Tael sponsored this video. I was paid .75 BTC.

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48 thoughts on “Quick Bitcoin Check-In! Check Out The Altcoin: Tael [Wabi]

  1. Avatar Robert M. says:

    where Can I buy wabi if live in usa,if you tell on binance ?which one???

  2. Avatar Boo Reta says:

    Wow.. Nice video on Wabi. I used to own some till I sold it off to buy some #Tokoin and its the best decision I've taken.

  3. Avatar ICO Crypto says:

    Now btc is dumping :(( I am rekt :(( I hold 4 altcoins, and only #TOKO is pump. Little lucky for me.

  4. TAEL is a partner of Nestlé? And they want to point out which products are safe and good for you? Well, talking about a red flag lol.

  5. Where can I buy some with Binance down in the US? Is IDEX the only other option? I've never heard of it.
    8M cap with only a 100m Total supply is worth trying out. No sure if 100m is going to be the Max supply tough.

  6. Avatar Ryan Brown says:

    Would really love to get in touch with you personally and discuss matters a little better with you. I love your content and you are my go to when it comes to best, most up to day content.

    I have a lot to offer myself when it comes to blockchain and Healthcare, along with a few others.

    Let me know how we can get in touch. Looking forward to it!

    Enjoy the rest of your day

  7. Avatar CRYPTO DAD says:

    Always good to look for a potential Gem.

  8. Avatar Bit Shining says:

    These so called billionaires hold significant amount of bitcoins for them to shill btc all times with strange targets.. Yeah behind the scenes they even cashout while u dream of the target 🎯

  9. craziest system ever? I made 567 buuxx in my first day with this fantastic web site. Just look for in ggoogle – no spaces this here: MyEasyOnlineJobs

  10. Avatar James Moore says:

    As a nod to alt coin daily I'll "pick up some tael"

  11. Avatar sommi says:

    🧡💛💚💙 I love seeing the large amount of Dislikes on every "Alt Coin" video, even if its an advertisement. You see, this is why there are gems out there, undervalued… because people are just brushing it off completely UNTIL it moonshots into the stratosphere then they FOMO in. No-one knows what the future holds (besides BTC + ETH), so you need to watch these videos and keep your ear out for "key words" that may attract your attention. You'll eventually find something new or worth a shot.

    There is no harm in finding a few projects you believe in and only putting a small amount (1% BTC) into them. If they moon shot, you get 5%-10% of BTC and then you can convert it back and keep your BTC storage. Hey, if you hold until $250k Bitcoin then that 1% BTC investment can yield $25k and you booked profit early and exited. Just some thoughts for potential investors out there.. I know that's what Im going to do when my Bitcoin wallet has a little surplus ready for sprinkling. 🧡💛💚💙

  12. Avatar Callum says:

    I think you missed the point of Tael, it's NOT a supply chain coin. It is a B2C loyaty point coin giving producers direct access to consumers and data on when and where they purchase/consume. It leverages the Marketing budget (not IT budget) of producers to fund Tael rewards/use.
    Also direct producer marketing to consumers via a native WeChat app.
    What you did get right is users are driven to Tael based on its benefits, and Users dont even need know their loyaty points are on the blockchain.
    Mass adoption will occur when your (chinese) grandma uses blockchain to buy her authentic suppliments through Tael.

  13. Avatar Surfer Jay says:

    Even though I’m not invested in Tael… it’s refreshing to hear your channel discussing ALTS as per your namesake!!

  14. Avatar paul1mdrn says:

    Hello future bag holders🤣

  15. Interesting vid.. thank you. I think at this stage Vchain is where I will hedge.

  16. Avatar Tony Neville says:

    Can you please do a video on the BOB pundi x phone

  17. Avatar John Stone says:

    What makes tale different?
    .. they are paying to be seen here 😄

    But it is mentioned, so no Problem with that!

  18. Make that money Aaron and Austin. Happy Sat stacking day!

  19. Avatar Mike says:

    Blockchain only needed for censorship resistant use cases. Don't waste your time with these nonsense supply chain projects

  20. Avatar Dotcom says:

    TAEL Is The same damn thing as Vechain and Walton

  21. Avatar jblas92 says:

    DigiByte the best !!!

  22. Avatar Margie K says:

    I bought Tael when it was Wabi, still got it long term investment.

  23. I'm thinking there's probably a lot of fake vegan stuff out there, since "vegan" is in demand now.
    Do they, or anyone, verify for "real vegan"?

  24. Avatar Mike Lintner says:

    Vechain does this already. Walmart has already partnered with Vechain. Who have these people partnered with? What makes this coin better than other supply management coins?

  25. Great video …. quick question … how do you highlight the text when using the browser?

    I also downloaded Brave browser but I can't find how to do that!

    Is that a plugging? If so, where can I download?


  26. Thank you, Very informative 🚀, Catch you on the Next one 👍

  27. Avatar Randy - says:

    VeChain – VET already does all this.

  28. Avatar Paul Carroll says:

    Good idea along with others , does it need to be blockchain based tho
    I hope blockchain is the future for these great ideas but I’m sure this can be done without a blockchain and huge companies will implement there own spin on it , like so many technologies in crypto I say is a blockchain really needed

  29. Is this a right time to buy wabi ?

  30. Thanks for the news. Keep it up bro!

  31. Avatar xlimdis says:

    No comparison to Vechain

  32. Avatar CryptoDice says:

    Awesome video!!
    I got a $80 stock you could also!!!
    Kevin referred you so you get a free stock. Claim this stock now without investing money first:

  33. Wow this project sounds promising, I guess I need to check out more on it. By the way, who else here have heard about Tokoin? I just cam across the platform and it also seems to be a potential one.

  34. Avatar logans run says:

    You can't have trust in a private blockchain you can have trust in a public blockchain.
    Big difference!

  35. Avatar Roy Randolph says:

    There are a lot of uses for blockchain besides just money. And competition is a healthy thing.

  36. BTW, "Consumers can not sell Tael on exchanges but can only use it in the ecosystem". Makes me think "so what?".

  37. Avatar Haji says:

    My bank send me a sms , saying to take a loan of 5k for like 5,9k and i pay back in 60 months 99,42 eur a month , should i take it and put it on bitcoin? Even if i lose the 6k my life wont change..

  38. Avatar JC Hodler says:

    Vechain (VET) does that correct me if im wrong

  39. Avatar Tom says:

    What if we are be back on the 14th of July 2014? The charts looks amazingly similar… because if we are, oh boy… alts will mooooooooon

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