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The Untold Story. You Won’t Believe What Charles Did! Shady ICO & Delayed Product Due To $ETC


Welcome to part 2 in the crypto fight that went down between Charles Hoskinson, Vitalik Buterin, and Dan Larimer. Charles Hoskinson had a vendetta against both Dan and Vitalik for being booted out of Bitshares and Ethereum. Charles then went on to form IOHK, and run the Cardano ICO. Just when Cardano was planned on lauching, something happens…the Ethereum Classic hardfork. Charles forgot about Cardano, and decided to put efforts towards Ethereum Classic and its development to try and overthrow Ethereum and Vitalik. Did this work out? What happened with Cardano? Tune in to find out more!
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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Beer Intro: Guinness Stout-Ireland
00:49 Recap of Part 1
01:33 The Formation of IOHK and Funding From $ADA ICO
02:41 Details of The Cardano ICO
03:35 Japanese Investors Start To Scream $ADA Scam
04:03 Charles Hoskinson Starts Building On Ethereum Classic?
04:27 IOHK Beefs Up It’s Ethereum Classic Staff
05:21 Charles Tries To Take Over Ethereum Classic
06:09 Charles Dowfall With Ethereum Classic
07:19 Charles Officially Gives up on Ethereum Classic
08:21 Cardano Is Delayed Becasue of Ethereum Classic
09:02 Cardano Releases Daedalus Wallet To Satisfy Investors
09:35 Intro To Part 3

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31 thoughts on “The Untold Story. You Won’t Believe What Charles Did! Shady ICO & Delayed Product Due To $ETC

  1. Avatar d.KhaN says:

    Unsubbed until you apologize for this video

  2. Avatar d.KhaN says:

    This didn't age well

  3. Avatar Denis says:

    this video aged like milk

  4. Avatar R H says:

    what is this rekt junky on the steps?

  5. You gunna drink that beer or?

  6. Avatar Derek says:

    An oily haired guy with a lisp wearing a shirt with what I assume is a 1 with an unknown number of succeeding zeros, drinking a beer in front of an urban classic car store. Seems legit!

  7. Avatar SorceLord says:

    Not hard to see which one is Microsoft and which one is apple 🍎

  8. How much ETH did you get paid to record this crap?

  9. Avatar glassfx says:

    it is aire apparent Hoskinson is a CARNEY (SLANG: for carnival worker,… the 1's who slip into town in the middle of the night,.. and leave the same way) Thus the name of his project CAR-ney-DANO. Good work Tyler,.. as usual.

  10. Avatar Tony Montana says:

    This guy sounds like a moron. Clearly didn’t do his research either

  11. PART 3?????????????????????? WHERE IS IT!!!!!???? :'(

  12. Avatar Just a Guy says:

    I am not sure about Charles Hoskinson, but your methodology is a joke.

  13. Avatar мushу says:

    CHARLES HACKER!!@¥¥@*#*

  14. Avatar Simply Human says:

    So what? Even if true, it doesn't change what he is accomplishing. So Chico, what have you accomplished in your pathetic life?

  15. Dickhead with a dick channel
    OMG he exposed the future

  16. Avatar Ryan Large says:

    What was the purpose of the beer dude. You didn't even take a drink, LOL! This is total FUD. Cardano is making serious progress!

  17. Avatar Jp Highbaugh says:

    Here we go again, Chico why put out another hit piece on Cardano, it may not be perfect, but name one crypto that is and its def not a scam. I just want one to go mainstream even if I dont have money in the project. We all know your betting on Cardano's biggest competitor which is Ethereum, so it's pretty obvious why your making these vids.

  18. You are a joke mate ) go away ))

  19. Avatar XRP Music says:

    Only men can drink dark beers makes sense why you didn't like it!

  20. Is anything verifiable in this video?
    If i wanted to hear crap coming out of someones mouth, id have gladly watched fox news!

  21. Avatar maxo Coin says:

    Did you ever make part 3? I'm not able to find it!!!

  22. Avatar Kira Yamato says:

    Hi, I just see your video. I own some Cardano, not much. I want to dig more about this Charles profile. But I need more info regarding the Attain Inc. Which you said Charles gave them Cardano Voucher. Where is your information source. Is that legit? I'm now seeing this situation about Shelley upgrade for Cardano which should be done by Q4 2018 haven't so much move. IOHK even remove the roadmap of Cardano from it's website. What I see as similarity is back then Charles use his resource to back up ETC instead of working with ADA(which already pass due), and today he again use his resources to create ATALA, and any other project which he said is related to Cardano, but leave the most important Update (Shelley) stuck. So, my point is, do you really have legit source? or you just talk while drunk?

  23. Avatar Marcus says:

    This is click bait garbage. You’ve just presented your channel as a middle school rumor mill. Congratulations! Now, please just read the comments here and you’ll quickly realize the community response to this video didn’t pan out so well, did it?

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