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Vechain Vehustle | FUD attacks $NEO $ONT $ELA $CPC $CV + Plair ICO Boxmining💰💰


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Part 3 of the Vehustle saga. Today, we will digging in to show you how Cream mobilizes their army of scum bag cult of followers to attack other projects. As well as introduce a shady ICO who has strong connections to cream, PLAIR. Boxmining is an advisor and recieves money from Plair, and is caught chatting in CREAMs groups talking bad about NEO and Ontology. Tune in to see the entire story!

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28 thoughts on “Vechain Vehustle | FUD attacks $NEO $ONT $ELA $CPC $CV + Plair ICO Boxmining💰💰

  1. I'm really not seeing anything nefarious in these videos… Camp members talking trash about their competition… seems normal?

  2. Avatar Good Vibes says:

    Great video. Bring the truth on ✌️

  3. Avatar Lee Lee says:

    Ahhh its my favourite drunk, helium induced fud man!!

  4. Avatar Dave Oakley says:

    I watched this video because there were zombies on the splash.. there are no zombies in this video.. therefore FAKE.

  5. Avatar GioPM says:

    you sold me trash my VET . Hard to find a Good Chinese product

  6. Avatar Chip Moore says:

    Chico stop twitching you look like meth head of sorts, wait maybe you are.

  7. Avatar jan k says:

    This proves nothing. I would not say vechain people are nice people but i still think their project is legit. I see companies like Vechain all the time. Are they usually successful? Sometimes.

  8. Avatar O Yildirim says:

    So I heard about this so called fud on vechain…is this it? lol? whoever believes this or bases their investment strategy on this is a complete idiot…
    this is so unbelievably ignorant I dont know where to start even…you bring shame on the communities you support including Elastos

  9. gd. thats some great reporting.

  10. Hi look what I just found:
    🍀kill the beast buy BTC 🗽

  11. He clearly lost it. Must be because his NEO investment tanked and now Elastos.

  12. I sold all my VEN/VET tokens, sadly I took a loss as I bought at higher rare, project smells badly and there is too much money grabbing in the industry to 'risk' project going close to ZERO as clearly some other ones in space are more trustworthy (and even so may go to close to zero!)

  13. Chico take a chill pill none of us care about VeChain, none of these screen shots can be linked to specific humans just drop it, we're here to hear about ELA. I want to hear about these guys making demands to ELA because of the lockin program lets talk about that FUD

  14. crypto r us is an idiot he is saying bitcoin is going to 25k by the end of the year in this bear market that is not close to being over. He is a idiot

  15. Dude your followers are attacking other projects as well. One of your follwers attacked Sirin Labs. Are you going to attack Beadles too? After all you've pretty much invaded a live of him and other Youtubers before, calling them scammers and shillers.

  16. you are a jealous midget Chico…..sad!

  17. Avatar splash112 says:

    First Vechain cult members were all about its a supply chain blockchain and all that B.S. Now Vechain is running Ponzi scheme ICOs to funnel more money to Sunny. Wake up before you lose all your money

  18. Avatar Mikke Valon says:

    Stupid alcoholic. Only drunk alcool and take drugs.

  19. Avatar Erik Asveldt says:

    Really love the shit you upload.
    Nice to hear a critical note in this overhyped cryptoworld..

    Keep it up man.. love it..

    Next Beer: Tank 7
    Though beer for a though Video

  20. Damn, good work. Imma buy me some vechain cuz theyre cut throat! Jk F'em

  21. Avatar Frank V says:

    You look more and more like a junkie every day that passes. Are you sure you only drink beers?

  22. Avatar aaron james says:

    Bro you're literally a fucking meme on reddit…how does that make you feel ? You're a dumbass for history lmao

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