DeFi Bubble – Is it Going to Burst? Learn more about decentralized finance (Defi explained) and the projects (MakerDao, Aave, Compound, Chainlink) that are involved. Are the gains going to last or is it all going to come crashing down?

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  1. Avatar CryptosRUs says:

    Subscribe and Watch me on my experimental channel Bitcoin George here:

  2. Avatar Lucas Cook says:

    This is what ive been worried about and why ive been looking at making KAVA one of my big long term investments.

  3. Avatar Eero Ekebom says:

    Check out $FSN! Next big DeFi with huge potential

  4. Avatar p Rrr says:

    Band is the next chainlink

  5. Avatar prazertv says:

    DOS Network is the most decentralized oracle. They already launched mainnet and staking is live with over 31 million DOS tokens being staked on the platform. All of that and a market cap of less than 35 million as per CoinGecko (CMC information is wrong).

  6. Avatar Pietje Bell says:

    I think DEFI is the future. Banks as we know right now will disappear in the near future

  7. Avatar gloombastic says:

    Steering clear of Defi. Total bubble.I like new new shorter and targeted format.

  8. De-Fi is basically a platform that allows already established crypto speculators to get together and gamble away their crypto using leverage. . Chainlink and other oracles are a way to connect these crypto casinos. I don't want to think what will happen when we go off this bull-market and the ones swimming naked are exposed.

  9. Avatar JIMMY Z says:

    George has stepped up his game!!!! luv the new content!!!!!

  10. Avatar Simple Kai says:

    It's reminds me of bitconnect somehow… Am I wrong?

  11. Avatar Alex Tamayo says:

    Good explanation 👍👍

  12. Avatar Mark Carter says:

    Bubble now bubble later who knows

  13. Avatar Bobby Giggz says:

    George, I think you are missing the big picture, which is that $4.6billion is now being removed from CEX and traded peer-2-peer via DEX.
    We finally have a tool to disrupt centralized exchanges and strengthen the narrative for crypto and decentralization. This has been our ultimate goal.
    They said crypto won't work, they said we couldn't coordinate ourselves well enough, they said we could never surpass centralized solutions.
    This is proof they are wrong and we are right. Once we get past scaling solutions, we can program finance as we want, in our own image.
    Fam, this is like ants with machine guns !! We can walk right up to wall street and take over the place. Decentralize everything.

  14. Avatar Matt G says:

    George did they pay you off when you left?

  15. Your forgot BAND, it is competitor for LINK

  16. Avatar Bob Smith says:

    Defi is a bubble and the bubble can be manipulated another Mt. Gox.

  17. Avatar Flipman says:

    Tellor Oracle Defi is one to watch with a very low market cap.

  18. Avatar Tand Sea says:

    Crypto is a bigger hoax than 💵 😂. With that being said…. the NWO is pushing it & stupid people believe in it(There is a lot of stupid people)therefore put 1/4 of savings into Crypto & the rest into precious medals 🥇 🥈

  19. Avatar Don Patrick says:

    Defi is evolving beyond lending and borrowing synthetic derivitives with annual mkt cap of 12Trillion in traditional mkts.. . Also dome gambling is being regarded as defi ..most liquidity in defi is institutional not retail, dfei font have huge hedge fund like fees and barriers to entry. will be around for a while adrenalin rush too imo

  20. Let’s see BTC is replacing fiat, and Defi is replacing all the instruments which are used to charge individuals fees! Banks make more money from the Fees!!! Defi is here to stay and will replace all those financial mechanisms!!! Trillions!

  21. George, First you became a btc maximalist, then you missed the altcoins cycle, And now you are fudding defi. I did not expect such childish behaviour from you. Please get your act together!

  22. BTC is a store of value. The trading should be decreasing, because of this fact. Defi projects should have more volume than BTC, because of their use cases.

  23. Band and Dos Network are two oracle platforms destroying Link!

  24. Avatar BL4D3RUNN3R says:

    Let's all fomo in… More shitcoins…

  25. BTC maximalists are the only ones trying to put Defi down. Why? Because the BTC gains have been nothing compared to Defi. 100 to 1000 X gains….

  26. We have lots of staking, where you do control your funds. No risk.

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