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CAN CHAINLINK SOAR TO $1000? Find out why I'm going ALL IN on LINK as the king of DEFI!

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Intro 0:00
What Chainlink Does: 2:30
Why Chainlink will Dominate: 3:30
Why is Chainlink Necessary: 4:30
Understanding Chainlink’s Value: 5:22
Size of Chainlink Market: 10:00
Chainlink Partners: 12:20
Criticisms Shut Down: 13:08
Chainlink Upside Ahead 13:55
Crypto.com Shout Out: 15:11
Outro: 16:42

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR!


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42 thoughts on “CAN CHAINLINK SOAR TO $1000? Find out why I'm going ALL IN on LINK as the king of DEFI!

  1. Sorry guys, I won't go to $1,000 anytime soon. The coin is sitting at under $15 right now!!

  2. Avatar Cole Misley says:

    Great video. Chainlink is the 🔑

  3. Avatar Sabbatxxx says:

    I love your channels, but LINK to 3 figures is ridiculously dumb..

  4. If only you sold futures to but LINK for $5

  5. Avatar FarmerD says:

    Great video, watching for the 3rd or 4th time 😊👍

  6. Avatar M R says:

    His hair looks like a pineapple

  7. Avatar Wujing Li says:

    Great introduction to Chain Link. So what is your prediction for 2021 price?

  8. Avatar Sukhi Sohal says:

    December 2020 and still bullish on link

  9. Avatar KimchiMan says:


  10. Can you give a review for Pi Network!!? 🙏🏻💜💜💜

  11. Can you give a review for Pi Network!!

  12. Avatar FK Shen says:

    I am selling mine between $100 to 200 where I have over 30,000 $links which will give me cool $3 million or more.

  13. Avatar Jeremy wayn says:

    Chainlink is agnostic.. don't you need to hold chainlink in order to use the platform? @Elliotrading

  14. Avatar Al Bungee says:

    1000 is a pipe dream. 100 is more reasonable and realistic. Maybe we should build the rocket ship before we try to fly it. Don't get me wrong I wish link would hit 1k a piece but yeah….

  15. Avatar DW101100 says:

    $1000 would imply 1 trillion market cap like Apple & Google really .…. anyways i doubt people know whats being bought & sold here or why it has value …. 4chan for the win lol ??

  16. Avatar Yuliy says:

    Key focus for the end of year is ETH and everything related to staking. Is it good to put a pause on LINK and gather ANKR for example? – expecting that it'll go up after gathering 32 ETH (for a node) will be difficult for more and more people, since ETH is expected to be mooning high?

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  18. Just based on their partnerships it's so huge

  19. Avatar V Martinez says:

    What do you put in your curls bro?

  20. Avatar titi Ju says:

    When too much saying the same thing then nothing happen everybody want to be rich with crypto good luck 😅😅

  21. Avatar Kevin Conway says:

    I love the fact you specified that this is not get rich fast scheme. I don't know who needs to hear this ,you've got to stop saving money . invest some part of It,if you really financial freedom.
    Invest in bitcoin, gold , buy stock, forex market, commodities, just invest and save yourself

  22. Staking Chainlink?? :))))))

  23. Avatar Raf Edwards says:

    In that case we may be both crazy, cause I am also bullish on Chainlink!

  24. Avatar sfeid says:

    How about an update on LINK? you rarely come back to those coins you get excited about…..thanks

  25. Avatar Brian Ito says:

    Theta could soar to a $1,000.00, in fact, I think it’ll get there before Link.

  26. One thing about chainlink is that they have their own obsessive fan, The Link Marines. Bitcoin is the only crypto that I know of having this type of fanbase. my take is. Go long LINK

  27. Avatar Derek Taylor says:

    Here during the dump getting ready to catch that knife under 10 bucks on this rocket ride

  28. Avatar Milan Vujic says:

    Going all in on anything is ridiculous, especially when there are several quality crypto projects. I think LINK could go down to $5 (50 week MA).

  29. I believe it is possible, but not this year or maybe the next. We will have to wait and see

  30. Avatar BugsBacon says:

    Polka dot …can you do a video?

  31. 1000 would mean Link had twice the market Cap of Bitcoin

  32. Avatar Helen Morris says:

    I am a new crypto investor and chain link is one of my first 5 alt coin cryptos!

  33. Avatar Osirian says:

    You’re right. It’s already tripled in less than 6 weeks.👍

  34. Good evening cripto family thanks for haveing me I have been a member for over two mouths and I now hope that I get my account soon, I am Jamaican that truly believe in cripto thanks for cripto 👪 god blessings.

  35. How r u keeping your coins secure? What’s the point if it can b hacked?

  36. Avatar French says:

    You cripto guys are full of bs

  37. Avatar Conner Joy says:

    Nice content. My advice is after purchasing bitcoin or Ethereum , you should find yourself a pro stock broker to invest with. I came across Mrs Ruth James and with her experience trading signals she provides , I have made a withdrawal of 6BTC from my initial 2BTC I invested just with in two weeks

  38. Got 573 #chainlink at $18
    So waiting for recovery

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