Ethereum Co-Founder & Bitcoin Professional Charles Hoskinson at Cointelegraph channel


Ethereum Co-Founder & Bitcoin Professional Charles Hoskinson at Cointelegraph channel

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Charles Hoskinson is known for his Bitcoin/Blockchain projects and Ethereum creation impact at first.
Together with Maria Jones (VP for strategy communications at Cointelegraph Media Group) we will talk about:
– His involvement into crypto field
– Decentralized future possibility and favors of it
– Ethereum foundation and its fork
– The biggest dream of Charles Hoskinson

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14 thoughts on “Ethereum Co-Founder & Bitcoin Professional Charles Hoskinson at Cointelegraph channel

  1. fenomenal video sin duda queremos ver más información y nos quedamos pendiente a su canal gracias

  2. Avatar cryptocuba says:

    that is the new Steve Jobs

  3. Avatar ATI nsider says:

    Can't wait to see EOS blow away Ethereum. lol
    EOS Telegram chat Daniel Larimer himself pretty much summed it up with this, "EOS can run ETH inside a single contract 😉

  4. Avatar Ash Vecchio says:

    Music is ridiculously annoying. Hoskinson is the man.

  5. Really good interview. It was good to hear Charles talk about the value the technology can add to society. It's good to know that that IOHK is more interested in adding value than making money. I'm convinced he's legit.

  6. Avatar Alecs Stan says:

    Hoskinson really making the marketing tour. Seen him on the most obscure vlogers. He's hitting everybody. Not that I mind.

  7. Hey Ethereum, get your ASS moving already!! Bitcoin is up $2200.00 over the last month and your up a dollar! WTF! Your killing me here!

  8. Short & sweet video. Straight to the point to few important key aspects in cryptocurrency.

  9. Avatar Euquila says:

    Charles, you speak so clearly and concisely and with just enough humor so that your points don't come across dryly. It is always a pleasure to listen to you.

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