How Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Escape FUD | Mad Max Explains


How Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Escape FUD | Mad Max Explains

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The market got pummeled in January. This is in large part do to Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, or FUD. Whether it is Bans or big names bashing bitcoin, it is seemingly never ending. This is a short video of Bitcoins battle against the FUD.

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30 thoughts on “How Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Escape FUD | Mad Max Explains

  1. Avatar Luis Ramos says:

    I comprehend! Thank you!

  2. Avatar Cordovan Bee says:

    I keep coming back to watch! This ad is Great!

  3. Avatar Cordovan Bee says:

    This is Great every time !!!!!

  4. This was way funnier than it should've been

  5. Avatar Luis Ramos says:

    I love how well you guys explain this for slow learners like myself. Thank you very much!!!

  6. Avatar TheDaggwood says:

    So Bitcoin Cash is going to win out as you predict, eh?

  7. Avatar Cordovan Bee says:

    Great Great Ad , Awesome! Thanks!

  8. Avatar Elaine Royds says:

    You should at least spell Buffett's name correctly

  9. Avatar Supremax67 says:

    You should have kept going, the part where Ethereum takes over Bitcoin, oh sorry. Spoiler alert!

  10. Avatar dsagent says:

    I done accumulating. Time for a bull run.

  11. Beautiful honestly..thank you! 🤝

  12. If someone can explain everything and why it makes sense I'll send you 1 satoshi

  13. Avatar lordofduct says:

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

  14. Avatar Gatinhitoluz says:

    Hi, did u like promo on my channel?

  15. Avatar DrStreaks says:

    This is hilarious!!! Cointelegraph never fails to keep me entertained and up to date on all crypto news. Thanks, for this, it made my day.

  16. This is the most accurate description of the cryptocurrency market that I've ever seen.

  17. This is actually HILARIOUS!😅

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